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    Updated : 2005/03/29 08:45 (GMT+1)

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    March 29, 2005

    version 1.2 available

  • [FIX] memory allocation func issue on non-zodiac devices (changed to memchunknew)

    March 19, 2005

    Version 1.1 available

  • [FIX] save choosen wad when switching from main form to option/config form
  • [FIX] parameters handling (wad file, pwad file, ...)
  • [NEW] Command (cheat, keypress) can be entered in a simple console. Tap screen center to use it.
  • [FIX] Support for mods (tested on Quake Rally)
  • [FIX] Removed debugging code which was causing slowdown.
  • [FIX] Demo playback crash when demo ends.
  • [NEW] Buttons named in Launcher (controls form).
  • [FIX] Crash when cannot allocate a buffer.
  • [NEW] Software landscape rendering to prevent issue on T3 (portrait mode with software rotation).

    March 6, 2005

    Version 1.0 available

  • stability increased
  • configurable resolution : 240x160, 320x240, 480x320
  • now compile as a PNO, so PalmOS compatible (not zodiac specific anymore).
  • configurable input
  • WARNING pak files from original quake have to go in /PALM/Programs/ZQuake/ID1
  • preliminary (buggy) support for modified game : put your pak files in a subdirectories (ex: Zquake/Rally/...).

    February 21, 2005

    Alpha 002 available

  • should not crash on fire under water anymore
  • stability increased
  • uses lower resolution : 240x160, so status bar & menu are clipped, but rendering is faster
  • demo is back at launch

    February 20, 2005

    first alpha version available

  • based on Skeezix port with useful infos on bugging stuff from Squidge
  • slow
  • sound
  • load/save
  • does not crash when going in water/lava
  • resolution : 320x240, zoomed & smoothed by zodiac's ati chipset
  • More infos here : zodiacgamer board

    Screenshots (version 1.0)

    Launcher Standard Palm mode in 320x240
    Standard Palm mode in 320x240 320x240 zoomed to 480x320 (zodiac)
    320x240 zoomed to 480x320 (zodiac) 320x240 zoomed to 480x320 (zodiac). Showing Quake RALLY
    Changing resolution 480x320 (standard palmos hires+ mode)

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