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August 23, 2005

I've been rather busy with LJP and Snes9xTYL but update should be coming soon.

July 21, 2005

NeoCDPSP 0.5
  • Music (mp3) playback bug in pause/play fixed (Last Resort seems ok now).
  • Rendering fixed (sprite disappearing)
  • New render using psp hardware
  • Improved GUI
  • New feature : autofire for A,B,C,D neogeo buttons
  • Changed memory io and z80 emulation with NeoDC 2.3 sources (music in more games)
  • New GFX from great pochi!
  • Screenshot (press R trigger), saved in uncompressed 24bits BMP (480x272)
  • Directory independant, you only have to put the whole files & bios in the same dir (no "/PSP/GAME/NEOCDPSP" directory only anymore)


    July 7, 2005

    NeoCDPSP 0.1

  • Initial release of the new NeoCD PSP emulator!
  • neogeo cd emulation
  • memory card emulation
  • zipped/unzipped game
  • sound support
  • music support (with mp3 tracks, using libmad)
  • mutiples rendering mode with hardware stretching (thx to pspsdk & chp great work!)
  • 222/266/333 Mhz

    Sources soon

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