August 17,2004

OpenSnes9xGP 0.3beta

January 3,2004


December 24,2003

OpenSnes9xGP 0.2

December 22,2003

Anarchy from gp32spain has started a compatibility list : find it here (spanish) (english)

December 22,2003

Website slightly modified to get ride of the Frontpage applet (buttons).
Now everything is done in javascript/css. So it should be ok

December 20,2003

WIP, new version is on the way, it will features :

December 15,2003

OpenSnes9x v0.1, "another 15 days competition" version is finished and wins the compo.
Features :

Get it on the download page

End of summer 2003

ThunderZ agree to join the project after being asked.

Summer 2003

After some emails/chat between Laxer3a & Yoyofr, the project starts...

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