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    Updated : 2004/09/01 11:00 (GMT+1)

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    September 01, 2004

    Public version 0.7 is available!

  • binaries
  • sources What's new :
  • [ALL] Compiled with more optimization, so perhaps a little speed boost (no time to benchmark)
  • [ALL] Changed the creator IDs to have one for each .prc files : no more trouble with radial menu
  • [SNES] Fixed the crashing bug at exit when having loaded a savestate before
  • [GUI] Fixed the flickering at the end of the gfx effect at launch time.

    August 31, 2004

    First public release : version 0.6 is available!
    Thanks go to Skeezix for releasing it and Tapwave for fixing the GPL issue, great support & fast signing of the binaries.

  • binaries
  • sources

    Juny 01, 2004

    Version 0.5-RC4 is available here

  • [ALL] Analog press now handled
  • [ALL] GUI optimizations/bugs fixed
  • [ALL] System events partially handled :
    Pocket Tunes can run in background (& play more than 1 title)
    Screen brigthness & sound volume now accessible.
  • [ALL] Stability improved (still issue with genesis asm cpu core)
  • [GENESIS] Fixed : memory deallocated at exit (no more debug msgs)
  • [GB/GENESIS] Some games still cause crashes. A normal reset should be enough
  • [ALL] minor bug fixes/tuning, try it by yourself !
  • Sadly, still no signing at the horizon, since I got no answer from tapwave :-(

    It will be perhaps one of the last few updates before switching to standard PalmOS 5, i.e. without supporting Zodiac
    if GPL issue with Tapwave license cannot be solved.

    May 25, 2004

    Version 0.5-RC3 is available here

  • [SNES] PAL now centered
  • [SNES] Added SDD1 decompression (Star Ocean, SFA2,...) & SuperFX (slow!)
  • [SNES] Enhanced spc player a bit
  • [SNES] IPS patch support
  • [SNES] New zlib implementation : saving is faster, but OLDER SAVESTATES AREN'T COMPATIBLE! use SRAM if available (save in the game if it's possible)
  • [NGP] Fixed Width/Height (were inverted)
  • [NES] Thx to SimD, Super Cars should now be playable (nestoy db is great but not perfect)
  • [ALL] other memory leaks fixed
  • [ALL] Launcher GUI enhanced, new fx, gfx & music.
  • [ALL] Better "in-emulation" GUI.
  • [ALL] New internal handling which should be more "battery friendly".
  • ...

    May 21, 2004

    Version 0.5-RC2 is available here

  • [ALL]Fixed memory leaks
  • [ALL]Bluetooth led stuff gone ??? (not really a "buf" since the only impact is BT Led slowly turning on)
  • [GENESIS]Moved cart rom to Feature Memory, now less RAM needed
  • [NGP]Joypad updated more often (should improve respond speed)
  • [NGP]Z80/TCSL900H : better execution timing / New emulation mode (Compatible/Medium/fast)
  • [SNES]PLB : bad N flag update
  • [SNES]RelativeLong bad cycles counting
  • [SNES]WAI : added. (zombies ate my neighbors)
  • [SNES]BPL : added branchcheck (Chrono trigger)
  • [ALL]GUI improved : fixes & enhancements (Launcher & In Game GUI).
  • [ALL] RTC support where needed (to be checked!)
  • ....hmmm.. some other minor stuff I can't remember now...

    Try it!

    May 18, 2004

    Version 0.5-RC1 is available here

  • [NGP]Added! Thx to Marvelous THUNDERZ & his NeoGP32 emu!
  • [WS]Added! Still slow, but FF remixes seem to be playable!
  • [GENESIS] Added switchable cpu (C/ASM)
  • [GENESIS] New asm cpu version (Cyclone 0.70), new sound mode,...
  • [SNES]Added switchable cpu (C/ASM)
  • [ALL]GUI improved

    Try it!
    ............I have to sleep :-) .............

    May 12, 2004

    Version 0.2 is available here

  • [SNES]New 65c816 cpu core in ARM assembly, still not perfect but faster (keep sound off)!
  • [SNES]New sound decoding functions in asm, still slow (mixing in C).
  • [GENESIS]...Added!
    Thx to Charles Mac Donald(GenesisPlus author),Rlyeh,Skeezix,Dave(Cyclone),Richard Bannister(save state),...!
  • [ALL]GUI improved
    Try it!
    ............I have to sleep.............

    April 22, 2004

    Beta 6 is available here

  • [ALL]New GUI in developpement (not finished)
  • [SNES]New GFX rendering modes in order to solve transparency issue.
  • [SNES]Some sound fixes (still slow but sounds better).
  • Crash at exit should be fixed.
  • ...

    April 16, 2004

    Beta 5 is available here

  • Small update with SRAM/Savestate support for GB/GBC
  • Buttons setup changed in NES/GB/GBC : 'L'/'R' triggers -> load/save state. function button for fast mode.
    Still to be done/fixed :
  • buttons remapping
  • snes crashing issue at exit (when sound on)
  • GUI
  • speed improvements ...

    April 15, 2004

    Beta 4 is available here

  • Some little bug fixes (unzipped nes roms load now fine...)
    Gameboy/GameboyColor support through raw port of fGB32 by wonderfull Rlyeh
  • based on Gnuboy
  • no SRAM/SAVE State
  • sound : 44Khz, 8b, Stereo
  • Roms format : .gb, .gbc, .zip
  • Auto frameskip, screen smoothing ...

    April 14, 2004

    Beta 3b is available here
    Small update with screen smoothing added...

    April 14, 2004

    Beta 3 is available here

  • NES & SNES (LJZ beta 3 is now old LJZ + old OS9XZ)
  • basic load/save state support
  • sound (however snes too slow)
  • still lack stability in snes part
  • some internal improvements
  • directories now created at first launch : /PALM/Programs/LJZ/NES> & /SNES Both need "/Roms" (put zipped roms there) & "/Saves" (for savesate & .srm files)
  • too much to say & too tired to do it : Try it by yourself ! ;-)

    March 23, 2004

    Beta 1 is here It has :

  • No save support (no sram/no save state)
  • Sound (44100Hz 16bits mono)
  • Mappers : a lot! see ljgp32 here
  • Fastforward : 'L' trigger
  • buttons A,B,START,SELECT mapped on the 4 Zodiac buttons
  • Touch screen to change zooming mode

    March 20, 2004

    soon : First beta for developpers (you'll need to be able to run an unisgned TNA) .

    Current version is already working faster than GP32 one & just need some synchro & GUI.
    If you want more infos about mappers supported, features, ... have a look at the gp32 version here

    Some screenshots ...

    Current menu

    Mario Bros

    Castlevania 3 Intro

    Castlevania 3 Main Menu

    Castlevania 3 Ingame