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Current version : 1.0 RC2

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August 20, 2005

LJP 1.0 RC2 available.
Do not forget to DELETE ANY PREVIOUS VERSION. Roms, saves, ... can be kept.
Changes from RC1 to RC2 :
  • [SMS/GG] Fixed some memory issues : sound buffers & z80 precals buffers weren't released at exit.
  • [ALL] Fixed some feature memory releasing issues (categories & rom).
  • [ALL] Added a "crash handler" : after a crash LJP will clean what it can.
  • [ALL] Changed the way preference are saved, using an .ini file. Should be more robust when crashes occur.
  • [NGP] Fixed a crash bug when accessing GUI/Config/GFX & going back. (memory buffer was to small).
  • [ALL] Scale2xSAI fixed (smoothing mode 3).
  • [ALL] Scalers optimized a bit (reduced source buffer reads).
  • [ALL] ZEM files have now a version number to avoid using old-wrong- version.

    August 19, 2005

    LJP 1.0 RC1 available at the new website here

    March 29, 2005

    Beta 0.9 available, small update

  • [ALL] Added missing software scaler for 1.25:1 zoom mode, no smoothing.
  • [ALL] Added battery level info & time on in-emulation GUI.

    March 01, 2005

    Beta 0.8 available

  • [SNES] Fix bug in SetWord when on boundary
  • [SNES] Reactivated all asm get/set functions
  • [SNES] Reduced mem usage when accessing GUI
  • [ALL] Reduced mem usage in PNO loader (data area was duplicated)
  • [NES] Added support for nestoy => put (the nestoy.dat file zipped) in /PALM/Programs/LJP.
  • [GB] Added support for goodgbx => put (the nestoy.dat file zipped) in /PALM/Programs/LJP.
  • [SNES] sound emulation still bugged (SIM & ON modes) => can cause random crash. Cause is unknown... :(
  • [ALL] Game genie input form added, not used in emulation for now
  • [ALL] Stability increased during emulation
  • [ALL] New video modes (smoothing) thx to NesterGPd & Scale2x_SAI
  • [GB] Special video filters (LQ2X, HQ2X, 2xSAI, Super_2xSAI, AdvanceMame2x) thx to Tinnus
  • [ALL] Now savestate can be loaded from Launcher
  • [ALL] ROMs can be deleted
  • [SNES] spc playback added
  • [ALL] Background music in Launcher powered by Mikmod (multiformat mod player)
  • [ALL] Sound API now back again in 68k land (clie & other device with sound patch should work again).
  • [ALL] new misc option : No_DAA => for Zodiac owner without DAA, to prevent crash at launch.
  • ... Other minor stuff I cannot remember :)

    February 03, 2005

    Beta 0.7 available (version naming changed)

  • binaries
  • description will come later (no time now) :p

    Januray 27, 2005

    Beta 6b available

  • binaries
  • [SNES] ips patching optimized
  • [SNES] now 2 asm mode : FULL & ASM/C (IO calls redirected to C). ASM/C to use for people having FULL version crashing.
  • [EMU.GUI] get rid of WinScreenLock/Unlock which seems to be an issue on some devices

    Januray 27, 2005

    Beta 6b available

  • binaries
  • should fix the transition fx issue on some device (remember you can activate/disactivate it in "other" screen)

    Januray 27, 2005

    Beta 6 available

  • binaries

    Januray 26, 2005

    Beta 5 available

  • binaries

    Januray 25, 2005

    Fourth beta version available

  • binaries What's new :
  • more bug fixed, more stability
  • transition fx disactivated in order to check T|C blank screen issue
  • cool news useless button in help form....
  • zoom 2:1 mode for GB module implemented
  • power off is now available during emulation
    try it!

    Januray 20, 2005

    Third beta version available

  • binaries What's new :
  • bug fixes here & there, now the GUI should be stable!
  • some code cleanups & stack size increased in PNOlet

    Januray 19, 2005

    Second beta version available

  • binaries What's new :
  • [GB][NES] Now GB & NES work on low dynamic heap devices (tested on T|E, so 2MB is enough!)
  • [ALL] Bug fixes in GUI, still some weird crash => avoid long, complex filename for roms

    Januray 18, 2005

    First beta version available

  • binaries What's in :
  • NES, SNES and GB/GBC modules
  • [ALL] Zodiac -> PalmOS conversion isn't finished, so don't expect too much ...

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