October 5, 2003

'Still spending most of my coding time on the *secret* project ;-)


August 5, 2003

And yes, I know there is still plenty of room for improvement (GUI, Browser, Buttons combos...) but I'm working on a new project
for the gp32 and it's very time consuming! Expect more news in some weeks...

July 19, 2003

WIP Release soon.... Eventually mmc5 bug for KOEI game corrected ! It was a really nasty bug...

July 14, 2003

WIP Found the origin of the crashing bug when loading state.
It's caused by the execution of unknown opcode -not implemented in the asm cpu emu-.
Those opcode shouldn't be executed, but there are! It's caused by the little loss of
synchronization during loadstate. I'll have to implemented the remaining opcodes and
it should fix the issue.

July 11, 2003

LJGP32 0.21 is available in the Download section.

Changes :

July 8, 2003

LJGP32 0.2 is available in the Download section.

I finally decided to put 0.2 for download. It still has bugs, and not constant 60fps, but I need your feedback !
So please tell me what do you want for next release and what emulation bugs you notice!
Please not that due to big changes, your old saved state will perhaps not work in this version.
Some games are now to have broken save state (battletoads, ...) and I'll correct this later...


July 5, 2003

WIP Big bugs fixed in asm cpu core : rygar runs,battletoads too and some more. Still have some gfx pbs with KOEI games.
Screenshots are available!
A lots of new features... :


June 19, 2003

WIP Still have some bugs to fix, but now speed is near 100% (90-100%) in most
games and frameksip 0 if sound is off.
With sound on and frameskip 1 it's nearly perfect (100% speed most of the time).

June 14, 2003

WIP Seems the asm cpu core is pretty stable now... I'll do some massive checking
this weekend and update mappers support with nnnesterJ sources.

June 10, 2003

LJGP32 0.2 is on the way...I have a new cpu core in ASM(adapted from FCA).
Speed raised to 80% with it (frameksip=0, nosound).
But there are some bugs to correct first...

June 8, 2003

LJGP32 0.1beta is available in the Download section.

Little John GP32 uses parts of and inspired by ,
Little John NG (previous project of me)
Shatbox,Nofrendo from great Matt Conte www.baisoku.org,
Nester, NNNEsterJ, NesterDC nester.dranalli.com,
PocketNester www.jetech.org,
Nestopia sourceforge.net/projects/nestopia ,
Winlib from Don Miguel gp32.narod.ru,
File browser from Christian Nowak chn.roarvgm.com,
Mr.Spiv http://www.deadcoderssociety.tk and Darkfader http://darkfader.net/gp32/

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