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I started to really learn computer programming with a 486DX33Mhz, Turbo Pascal and Assembler during the 90's.
I was really impressed by the intros often seen in cracked games (amiga, atari, pc) and real demo.

Eventually, I founded a demogroup with one of my childhood best friend, "Hornet" : "Useless" was born.
We never became famous (not so talented ;-) ), but here you'll find some of our work.
Binaries (MSDOS) and downloadable Videos can be found here. Available formats are : Xvid, H264, TSCC(lossless) at full framerate (usually 60 or 70fps) or 30fps.
TSCC codec available here.
For binaries you will probably need to emulate a MSDOS machine, for this you can use : DOSBOX Megabuild 4 (DOSBox patched to emulate vga advanced effects like coppers,...).

Some examples of some of the most famous (and old) demos